Bursting with rich passion for many things, refusing to pick just one, I chose “Aldridge Music & Pictures” as the best description for my adventures.

The Many Faces of Aldridge Music & Pictures

Pin-Up-Deluxe-DollDivine Anne Aldridge – Booking Agent 

The first cold calls I made to bars and clubs were before the world embraced social media. Loud music, hustle, and bustle roared in the background of my calls. Combine that audio confusion with my first name and you get the perfect recipe for no one returning your phone calls ever. “What? Who? You want him to call who? How do you spell that? What? How do you pronounce that? What? Huh? Who?” Mix in one middle name with a pinch of spunk and a splash of sass and you get a new recipe for success. “Anne? Alright. I’ll tell him.” Then, I got call backs. Call backs lead to shows. Shows lead to music. Anne had potential! I embraced my new alter ego and the adventures continues!


Liesl Aldridge – Photographer, Writer, Early Childhood Educator

If I’m going to have an alter ego, I must have a hard-working, plain Jane, simple side. (Simple might be a stretch.) My day job is joyfully working in the field of infant and toddler development. I spend my down time behind the lens and writing. I hope to weave these components together in a project that creates awareness of the state and impacts of infant and toddler care, but more about that project later.

me2Liesl Anne – Just Me

Family, friends, live music, old records, photographs, infants & toddler developmental psychology, brains, game-based learning, positive psychology, Celiac, Doctor Who, comic books, hiking, traveling, old movies, vintage hair and fashion, jelly beans, jazz, rockabilly, old country, rock and roll, Irish music, Americana, flea markets, home-made vegetable soup, unsweet tea, postcards and snail mail, quirky magnets…sincere and genuine appreciation for the life I’ve been given.