Aldridge Booking


Aldridge Booking began as a response to a venue request. I was a gal with a passion for music and not a lick of musical ability, finding her niche by booking shows for local acts whose music I truly loved. Then, there was a policy change at one of the casinos where I regularly booked shows. They wanted to keep booking the artist I represented, but could now only work with agencies, not independent agents. I said okay, and created Aldridge Booking. For the next few years I was blessed working with musicians and venues all over the map. 071b

Following the ebb and flow of life, there came a time when waters grew rough. I lost my Dad,  my deepest connection to music. Suddenly, I needed to step away.  Now, time has passed and I’m back at it. Craving the electricity in the air live shows and the magnificent people I get to work with,  I can’t stay away. I love transforming an average date on the calendar into a musical experience that connects people who would have otherwise been somewhere else that night.